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The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Sustainable Home

We’re thrilled to share with you our first of many guides!

This guide will introduce you to several ways on how to start creating your sustainable home. From the linen we use on our beds to our choice of furniture, we look for objects that really connect with us and will make our home environment feel inviting and unique.

It is not about trying to achieve perfection but taking the steps that feel right for you. You’ll find one step will bring you closer to another.

The Truth About Palm Oil & The Beauty Industry

The sad truth behind its success is that with its increasing production, more plantations are being established of tropical forests. During the last decades this has not only resulted in drastic deforestation but also caused animals’ displacement and human rights violations.

WWF warns us that rain forest cutting in Indonesia and Malaysia, which are major contributors of global palm oil, places under extinction such endangered species as orangutans, Sumatran Tigers, Rhinos and Elephants. Indigen

Book “Sea of Hopes, Fulfilled and Crushed”

It was a typical workweek afternoon, smoothly fading into the chilly April evening in Flushing “Chinatown”, in the Queens borough of New York. Behind the written in Chinese characters “Closed” signs on the windows of the small grocery and souvenir shops, their owners painstakingly checked in to count the day’s receipts. The streets were getting filled with the flows of people, mostly Chinese and to a lesser extent Korean immigrants, rushing back home from their jobs. Settled in one of the most diversified neighborhoods in the whole city, where Hispanic, Irish, African-American, Russian, Indian, Greek, South Asian, Jewish and Middle- Eastern communities coexist among each other, Chinatown in Downtown part of Flushing proudly bears the status of being among the largest and fast-developing Chinatowns in the world. “Chinatown Manhattan,” as the locals sometimes call it, may compete with its world-famous namesake for the prestigious role of the trade, business, capital and transportation epicenter. However, behind this success, as it always happens, stands the day-to-day routine work of the usual habitants, which life threads brought them to Downtown Flushing, marking with uniqueness each of their life stories.

Christian Wijnants

Christian Wijnants fall-winter 20/21 collection is partly experimental for the brand, broadening its horizons to the new textures and fabric combinations. Throughout all of the garments, it is not difficult to trace the specific role that is given to knitwear, one of the 2020 top-trends - the sweater-pants combinations, the maxi dresses, and the turtleneck jumpers. The pastel creamy look is underlined by the red wine leather handbag.

Most of the silhouettes are loose and quite minimalist. The n

Kenzo: the Japanese perspective on beauty and fashion

"Fashion is like eating. You shouldn't stick with the same menu."

Reading through his sister's magazines, young Kenzo Takada couldn't imagine that in some years he would have been among the very first male students of Tokyo's Bunka Fashion College. In the late 1950s, he has already begun designing those women's outfits from the fashion pages in the Tokyo department store. But very soon Takada's fascination with Yves Saint Laurent diverted his life. As it is said, all fashion roads lead to Paris

Fall-winter 2020 color palette: from classic blue to dusty pink

Annually every season gets assigned its specific colors. The fashion world has already prepared the upcoming FW/2020-21 palette and it is difficult not to be amazed by the range of the overtones we are being offered to choose our outfits from.

The must-have hue, a.k.a. the color of the year is the flawless classic blue. Put on the pedestal by the Pantone Institute, this overtone can equally suit both blondes and brunettes, as well as almost any kind of occasion to go to. Classic blue incorporat


Although the outerwear is the symbol of Sportmax, the collection is varied with the evening dresses and can be suited for the office dress code. The traditional tailoring and elegant fabrics, such as recurring velvet and satin, add the feminine touch to the outfits.

There can also be noticed even some brutal wedding-like looks, all-in-white: with the crystal vanilla high-rise gloves and the creamy short-sleeve maxi dresses, highlighted with the brown casual boots.

The others reflect the autumn

Givenchy: the art of dressing women

"People say I am a classic designer. I don't try to be classic, but I do try to be simple and elegant."

When enrolling at the École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, 17-year-old Hubert de Givenchy knew clearly which path he wanted to choose. “Mine is one of the most beautiful professions in fashion: making others happy with an idea... I am happy because I did the job I dreamt of as a child,” he admitted many years later. It just so happened that he also got lucky to study under the supervisi

Best Brands For Conscious And Smooth Grooming

The evident step forward towards breaking the stigma around gendered beauty is the fact that the grooming industry has been blossoming more than ever. Year on year, the variety of male-oriented manscaping, hair and skin products is growing.

However, as is often the case when presented with a huge amount of choice, making the right purchasing decisions can be hard. From the packaging which pollutes the planet to the ingredients which are often harmful for our health and the environment, it is im

On a date with summer: frills and ruffles as the most romantic trend of this season

This trend is a perfect opportunity for those who love to dress up refined and innocently. Frills and ruffles are one hundred percent to stay with us this summer. And besides, there is also no need to worry if you prefer something more street style - spring-summer 2020 season offers a variety of designs for all tastes.

It seems that ruffled clothes were like on purpose created for the imaginary characters wardrobe - or, as a minimum, as perfect masquerade costumes. A total-black garment by Erde